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Leisure at Ilhabela

Ilhabela offers year-round entertainment. From eco tourism to romantic getaways, from rides at the village with shopping and dinning experiences to relaxing days at the beach. 

The front desk staff will happily assist you and help you choose the best adventures to unveil the island: off-road tours, motor boats, schooners, sail boats and trekkings at open nature. Check availability of tours during your reservation or any time during your stay. 

Barra do Piuva Hotel is very close to Ilha das Cabras, a stunning location for deep-water diving or snorkeling. In 1992 the world’s scientific community classified this spot as an ecological sanctuary in order to protect it. Our staff can assit you booking a tour with the Diving Operator at Ilha das Cabras.

Birdwatching in Ilhabela is also a pretty appreciated leisure option as the Mata Atlantica is the largest biodiversity in the world. Its birdlife includes more than 600 species from which 160 species are endemic,  meaning they can only be found in this area of the world.Source: WWF