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Gavea Restaurant

  • Salada Mediterrânea

Gavea is a cylindrical structure on top of a boat's pole used to acommodate a crew member who would identify new found lands or spot any danger miles away.  Gavea was also known at the Discoveries Age as the Crow´s Nest.

Once you arrive at Gavea Restaurant you soon identify the reason for its name. The restaurant is a suspended glass aquarium with a gourgeous balcony from where you can gaze Ilhabela´s most amazing ocean view. 

Wheter on an early morning breakfast surronded by native birds and trees, or on a late lunch afternoon with delightful sea breeze, or even on candlelight romantic dinner, Gavea Restaurant offers magical moments for your senses. Come and taste it !


Wide range of bread selection, cakes,tarts, pastries, cheese, jam, yogurt, fresh juices, fruits, cereal, hot and cold beverages and many other delicous home made delicacies. Omeletes and diffente style eggs upon demand. Try Piúva´s Eggs: A warm and crunch home made bread toasted by perfection with a soft and creamy egg filling.

Opening Hours: daily from 8am to 11am
Breakfast Service for visitors: R$40 + 10% tax service
Booking in advance required for non guests at: 55.12.3894.9415


Our Menu has a touch of Mediterranean Cuisine, with a vast selection of rich pasta, refreshing salads, grilled steaks and delicious appetizers and desserts.

As a starter try the salmon carpaccio with a touch of ginger and as a min course you might want to try a mediterranean pasta with olives, tomatoes and zucchini.

You will also find snacks, sandwiches and delicious sea food that will go along with our drinks by the pool.

Opening Hours: Lunch starts at 1pm
Booking in advance required for non guests: 55.12.3894.9415
An additional 10% service tax will be charged


Try challenging our Chef Henrique Marques ordering your favorite dish or defy him to create an exclusive dish for you. Our Chef is very talented criating a contemporary food experiences rich in flavour and textures. You will be surprised!

Opening Hours:
Sunday to Thursday closes at 10pm
Friday, Saturday and Holidays closes at midnight
Additional 10% tax service will be charged
Booking in advance required for non guests: 55.12.3894.9415

Room Service

Delicious options served in the room. You can choose salads, sandwiches, juices and many other dishes to be served at the privacy of your room until 10 from Sunday to Thursday or until midnight at Fridays, Saturdays and Holidays.