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Barra do Piuva Porto Hotel is a place to experience unforgettable getaways at the most charming island of Brazil: Ilhabela.
The Hotel merges on the landscape and integrates an atentive service, comfortable rooms, leisure infra structure and delicious gastronomy. Not to be Missed!



  • Recém casados!!! Barra do Piuva - Ilhabela

Barra do Piúva Porto Hotel is ideal for couples who want to celebrate their weddings merged into nature landscape, surrounded by gardens and having the ocean as witness. Every hotel´s commom areas offer the most beautiful panoramic view from Sao Sebastião Channel, ocean front where the sun sets everyday on a most exquisite splendour. Every little corner of our porperty will be the perfect scenario to host your party. We also assure you total privacy, as the Hotel will be entirely yours and your guests’ for a weekend.

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